Is it easier to say hi online?


I was watching people on my way to work and I was thinking. How come, London is a huge city, population is 3 times bigger than in Lithuania and anyway there are so many single people..?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not kind of a freak, but I really love watching people in the train, that’s probably the best way to kill time. At the end of the day, I am definitely not the only one who does that. And what do you think I usually see? Well, I guess the same what you see on your way to work: everyone is staring at their phones, IPads, reading newspaper, sleeping… You could easily count how many of them in all the coach are basically doing nothing. I always was one of them, I was listening to the music or just reading something. One morning I forgot my earplugs and wasn’t in a mood to read, so just kept myself busy with studying people. And there was this guy next to me. Suddenly he turned to me and started chatting. Apparently, he noticed that I am almost every morning getting in at the particular station, he asked where am I from (for those, who doesn’t live in London and do not travel to work on a rush hour – it’s very important to know where the train stops and where door opens, otherwise you might not be able to squeeze into the train). And you know, that was a really nice morning conversation which I could miss if I were like usually listening to the music.

And then I start thinking and analysing, that’s what we women do, right? Do people still know how to get in contact in reality? After all the time they been hiding under the phone or iPad it just might be too difficult to come along and say simple hi. I believe everyone should do an experiment: do not listen to the music, do not read and just get interacted with people. Maybe your prince charming has been standing just next to you in the train for ages, but you have been too busy to notice that…

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